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Geniale vondsten van collega-copywriters, waar ook ter wereld? U vindt ze hier. Ter leringhe ende vermaeck.

“We turned a child who couldn’t hear
into a typical 2 year old who doesn’t listen.”

- Mount Sinai

“If someone gave you a penny for your thoughts,
would they get change?”

“Silence is golden
except when it follows an awkward question.”

- The Economist

“I light cigarettes, cigars, pipes, candles, lamps, fires, stoves, fridges, geysers, Christmas puddings and distress flares and I cost three hundredths of a cent.

It’s easy to see I’m not in it for the money.”

“I’ll light anything that burns. I’m particularly good with cigarettes, cigars and pipes, because my clean, clear flame is ‘taste-free’. 
So all you taste is the tobacco. Not me.
I’m long on versatility too.
With my 42 mm length, I can easily get a light to those hard-to-reach parts of stoves, lamps, fires, geysers and so on. 
OK, so maybe I’m not modest. But my price - at 1.5 c for around 50 - definitely is.
After all, what else can you get for three-hundredths of a cent?”

- Lion Matches, ‘We look pretty plain, but we make beautiful arithmetic.’

“Kills bugs fast.”

- Porsche

“arketing anager

(don’t mention the M)

- Burger King”

“We’ve had some complaints that Monday was a really long day,
but we’ve checked and it wasn’t.


“Dispose of flashlight properly after use
For better performance, change toy frequently

- Duracell”

“The only time you will be delighted to get syphilis?
Where else would you win praise for vomiting?
Where else can you get points for farting?

Scrabble - every word counts”

“What you’re really buying is a bigger bed for you.

For our House Catalog, call 800-926-1327 or visit

L.L. Bean
start here
go anywhere”

“To be, or not to be?
That is two questions.

If you too are smarter than Shakespeare,
we’ve the degree for you.

- University of Oxford”

“If your short attention span won’t allow you to read this entire ad, have we got a film festival for you.

Telus presents wordwide shortfilm festival.”


“I had a dream.

- Martin Luther King JR.

Thanks Nytol”


How This Poster in a Women’s Restroom at a Bar Cleverly Combats Sexual Assault

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“If tomatoes are a fruit, wouldn’t ketchup technically be a smoothie?”
“Why do people say ‘tuna fish’, when they don’t say ‘chicken bird’”?
“Funny. The word ‘bed’ actually looks like a bed.”

“What will you think about
when you don’t have to think about money?”

NY Lottery

“If you hate waiting, raise your hand.”

NYC Taxi

Script 1
Act.3/ Scene.4

It’s Christmas morning and you’ve just opened your first gift.

A pair of novelty cufflinks. Just what you’ve always never wanted.

Now of course you don’t want to upset anyone.

So to help cover up your obvious disappointment,
channel your inner thespian and ACT.

By using ‘the fake surprise’ technique you can 
make your performance utterly believable.

Simply imagine that you’re opening the gift you
spent two months dropping unsubtle hints about.
The Intel powered MICROSOFT SURFACE.

Now, let your emotions run wild.

Spare the act this Christmas.

Currys PCWorld
We start with you.

“We’re efficient”


My stories begin as letters

My pen is my wonderland.
Word water in my hand.
In my pen is wonder ink.
Stories sing. Stories sink.

My stories loop. My stories stop.
My pen is my wonder mop.
Drink letters. Drink my ink.
My pen is blind. My stories blink.

Net vier uit elke honderd mense besef
That this can be read in Afrikaans and English

Parallel Medium
Gee jou kind - The best of both worlds

“When you say you want to help make cookies, what you really mean is:

1% baking the cookies
99% ‘testing’ the cookies
*Percentages not confirmed


Most loved people in the world:

1% tax auditors
1% parking ticket giver-outers
98% bakers

*Mothers of tax auditors and parking ticket giver-outers participated in this survey


Campaign for Nestle Toll House Delightfuls


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